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06 Jun

Story Bridge Adventure Climb byHertz AU

Story Bridge Adventure Climb banner

Take a journey above Brisbane and see everything from your vantage point in the sky. The Story Bridge Adventure Climb takes you up over Brisbane’s iconic landmark, the Story Bridge, and provides you with an incredible 360 degree view of the city.

The Story Bridge

Taking five years to build, the Story Bridge officially opened for operation in 1940. It is 1,072 metres across and approximately 74 metres high, or the equivalent height of a 22 story building.

The Climb

The climb will take you approximately 2 and a half hours to complete. You’ll be led by experienced climb leaders who will show you how it’s done all while providing you with interesting facts and stories about both the city and the bridge. You’ll start climbing to suspended viewing platform, then up past the rush of Brisbane traffic and beyond until you reach the very top of the Story Bridge. Up here, you’ll have amazing views of the city for as far as you can see. You have the option of climbing during the day, at twilight or at night time.


You’ll be provided with a fully enclosed suit, to keep you protected from the elements, and you’re required to wear fully enclosed shoes so make sure you pack a pair of sneakers.  Once you’re done, you’ll receive a certificate you can take home and keep as a reminder of your adventure experience.

Abseil Climb

If climbing over the top of a bridge isn’t enough for you, the Story Bridge Adventure Climb ups the ante with an option to abseil back down. The Abseil Climb means that not only will you climb up the bridge but then you’ll abseil back down along one of the bridge’s pylons into Captain Burke Park down below.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of the climbs depend on the time of day you choose to go, but range from $99.00 to $119AUD for adults.  Abseil Climbs start at $119.00. Concessions apply for children, students and seniors.

Who Can Climb?

The climbs are available for everyone over the age of 10 of any level of fitness.  For further information.

Getting There

The tours depart from Base Headquarters located at Kangaroo Point.  There are ferries available if you’d prefer to leave your rental car back at your accommodation. Otherwise, drive the Brisbane Airport rental car you picked up at Hertz Brisbane Airport and park it safely in Wharf Street, right nearby.


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