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03 Feb

Sydney, a Treasure Trove for Animal Lovers byHertz AU

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Travel opens new avenues for those who wish to be enriched with every experience the world has to offer. It is the only medium through which you not only understand the making of the world, but also understand what you are made up of. Whether you like to hike up the rugged terrain or whale around at pristine beaches, there is only one way to find out! Pack your travel essentials and set out to explore the bountiful Sydney in all its glory and return with stories full of astonishing wildlife. Read on for the absolute must-visit places in Sydney for all animal lovers.


Toranga Zoo:  One of Sydney’s biggest wildlife attractions is the Toranga Zoo that is home to approximately 4000 species out of which many are endangered. Accessible by ferry ride, this zoo is only twelve minutes away from the city. You can breathe into the exotic Sydney Harbour from here and travel by the city’s only cable car. What’s more, you also gain access to the sky safari for an aerial view of the city. The Toranga Zoo also features a bird show showcasing world’s most fascinating bird species, and the Seal show which stars Austrailian Sea-Lions and Fur-Seals who will steal your heart in a jiffy!


Sea-Life Sydney Aquarium: How would you like cruising the sea in a glass-bottomed boat? Explore Australia’s wonderful seaworld at Sydney’s Sea life aquarium which houses tens of thousands of exotic sea creatures. Feast your eyes on the rare appearance of Dugongs, huge sharks, magnificent sawfish, stingrays, jellyfish, platypuses, penguins, seahorses, which constitute the mysterious treasures of the ocean. You can also go snorkelling in the world’s biggest barrier reef and envelop yourself in the deepest blue of the Earth.


Manly Sea-Life Sanctuary: The Manly Sea-Life Sanctuary is home to more fish than in the Mediterranean Sea. Dive into the depths of Sydney Harbour and enjoy a rendezvous with magnificent sea-horses, exotic lionfish, hoards of cuttlefish, and mysterious octopuses. If you want to stay on the shore and understand the makings of the marine life, visit the interactive rock-pool. Here, you can touch shark eggs, crabs, and other marine animals. Uncover mindboggling facts about sealife at the Manly Sea-Life Sanctuary and take home an ocean full of memories.


Birds Australia Discovery Centre: The Australian skies are alive with calls of exotic birds and every traveller must experience the bird-life of Sydney. The Birds Australia Discovery Centre provides animal lovers a brilliant opportunity to observe birds in their natural surroundings. Guided bird walks around the sanctuary help tourists experience the world of exotic birds.
Sydney’s wildlife is a treasure trove of nature’s wonders and you must visit as many places as you can. You can opt for a car hire in Sydney to travel across the city at your pace and convenience. The world is your oyster; start exploring now!


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