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09 Jan

Sydney Driving Rules That May Come Handy During A Holiday Trip byHertz AU

Sydney Driving Rules That May Come Handy During A Holiday Trip banner

Sydney, Australia is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world and visiting this superb city will always be memorable because of the iconic attractions that it boasts of. Therefore, touring it can lead you to some of the most beautiful attractions in this side of the world.


To make the most of your trip, though, you need to make sure that every precautionary measure is done and this includes reserving for a Sydney car hire vehicle. Your preparation does not end there because you need to acquaint yourself of its traffic rules and driving regulations. Some of which are elaborated in the succeeding paragraphs.

Driving under the influence (alcohol, drugs, and other similar substances)

Like other countries, Australia has a very strict policy regarding individuals who are driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and other similar substances. It has a blood-alcohol limit of 0.05 and has zero limits for provisional licenses. Driving under the influence in this country is a “no-no” because there are police personnel situated almost everywhere and they conduct random substance testing in a timely manner. Those who are caught driving under the influence are tried under the criminal justice system, fined heavily, and suspended from driving.

Obligations after an accident

Accidents, whether they result in injury or death should be immediately reported to authorities by dialing 000, the hotline that is equivalent to 911 in the United States of America. Also, drivers are required by law to stop and provide assistance to individuals who got hurt in the accident. Not complying with this law may lead to prosecution and jail time.

Use of toll roads

Major highways, motorways, bridges, and tunnels in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne require toll payment and are worthwhile options for those who want to reach their destination in the soonest possible time. Payments are usually done in cash but others have prepaid pass. Those who’ll have a long vacation in Sydney may opt for an electronic transponder that can be used over a certain period.

Summing up

Becoming acquainted with the above mentioned Sydney driving rules and regulation can go a very long way if you’re going to Australia for a vacation and will opt for Hertz Sydney car hire service your transportation needs. This is essential because it can prevent the hustle and bustle of license suspension, prosecution, among other things. So make sure to review them beforehand if you want to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.


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