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30 Sep

The Melbourne Festival 2016 is your ideal creative fix byHertz AU


The much awaited event in the Aussie cultural almanac is the fabulous Melbourne Festival. Well, the long wait a is finally over and you can soon attend one of the biggest fiestas you’ll ever see, packed with local talent and world-class performances. Here’s a sneak peak to the upcoming event to helps you gear up for the festival.

  • Poetry and live music

Fancy listening to a stellar reading by renowned Irish poets? Ancient Rain between 12 and 15 October is just the thing for you! However, if it is live music you prefer, then do attend the performance by Benoît Charest Group that is performing between 13 and 15 October. If you prefer a melodious tune, you must be present when Camille O'Sullivan the famous songstress takes charge of the mike.

The legendary David Bowie is also ready to set the stage on fire with Nothing Has Changed and you cannot miss the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra gracing the festival on 15th October.

  • Scintillating performances

Certain shows are most awaited by the public,, such as Jess Thom with her Tourettes on stage which will happen from 12-16 October. Lady Eats Apple is also expected to have a large audience and shall happen on 8th October. You may also want to catch Robert Lepage who is scheduled to address an intriguing subject on 19th of the month.

  • Yummy festival treats

The festival is about more than just laudable performances, as you have the opportunity to sink your teeth into some delectable Australian fare. With a wide range of food and beverage options in store for festival-goers; the annual festival has some truly enticing events to consider. What’s more, furnishing your ticket can help you avail exciting offers on your food purchases!

  • Getting there and parking in safety

When you use car rental in Melbourne to drive up to the venue while avoiding the packed trams; it would be prudent to opt for the $6 evening bill and weekend discounts on secure parking beforehand. It is the best way to get to Federation Square (the venue) during the days of the event without facing parking woes.

While some of the events are free of charge, others require passes. Indeed, attending the festival is the best way to make the most of all that this effervescent city has to offer!


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