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23 Jul

Visit Melbourne’s Finest Attractions With Melbourne Car Rental byHertz AU

Visit Melbourne’s Finest Attractions With Melbourne Car Rental banner

Longing for a vacation but still don’t know where to go? How about booking a trip to Australia, particularly in the city of Melbourne? Melbourne is a fantastic city that is brimming with fun and adventure. Its natural wonders are surprisingly abundant and the beauty of its landscapes is second to none. There are so many world-class tourist attractions here that will definitely make you feel as if you’re on top of the world. Some of the most incredible ones are elaborated below:

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is an Australian Natural Heritage Site and one of the world’s most picturesque coastal drives. So, bring your walking boots and explore its diverse and exhilarating landscapes. If you’re an experienced hiker, you can trek the whole 104 km coastal route and discover the finest off-road attractions that Melbourne has to offer. While there, discover its plush national parks that is bursting with rare animals that you’ll only find in the “Land Down Under.” If you want to stay overnight, you can easily do so because there are so many eco-lodging facilities in the area. Alternatively, you can set up your own tent and camp for the night.

Phillip Island

Located about 140 km south-southeast of Australia, this iconic wildlife place is known for its beautiful white beaches and hi-octane motor sports. While there, you can watch countless little penguins (eudyptula minor) as well as spot koalas play and interact in their natural habitat. You can also satisfy your need for some adrenaline rush by watching the hi-octane motor sports events in the island. In addition to all these, you can also go swimming, surfing, and fishing in Phillip Island’s beautiful coastlines. If it’s the whale season, you can even watch huge whales swim around the island for their yearly migration.

Grampians National Park

If you’re a nature lover who has a knack for the outdoors, then the Grampians National Park is the place to be. Experience its superb walking tracks, alluring waterfalls, and breath-taking landscapes. The Grampians Natural Park is known as an all-season tourist destination which means that it you can pay a visit any time of the year.

Melbourne Car Rental: Conclusion

If you haven’t decided where to go on your next holiday break, it would be best to include the city of Melbourne in your travel plans. Vacationing in this place is the best the thing that you can do, especially if you’re longing for world-class attractions that will make you feel at awe. To visit as much of them and achieve a vacation that you’ll cherish for a lifetime, make sure that you’ll include Melbourne car rental in your travel plans. If you think that this is a waste of time and money because you can always turn to public transportation, you’re utterly wrong because opting for the said transportation service is the right and practical thing to do.


By booking a Melbourne car rental vehicle, you get to drive a sedan, van, pickup, or SUV without actually shelling huge amounts of cash because many companies offer reliable service at very affordable price range. Worried about getting lost? Don’t be, because many service providers offer complementary GPS, travel apps, and mobile Internet in packages; as such, getting lost won’t be cause of concern. Putting the said benefits into consideration, it can be said that turning to Melbourne car rental is a great move because it can help you achieve a fun-filled and hassle-free vacation without breaking the bank.


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