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17 Sep

Where Customer Service Drives Innovation byHertz AU

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Hertz is one of the largest car rental companies in the world and it is based in Park Ridge, New Jersey. Because of the company’s dedication to customer service, it has expanded its business and improved its programs by capitalizing on several technological advancements.


Because of their innovative approach, it has branched to several countries including the “Land Down Under.” It has bases in Australia’s major cities including Brisbane and for years, Hertz Brisbane car rental is providing travellers from all over the world top-notch service that no other company can provide.


Hertz also introduced no-wait membership programs and better online reservations to improve the company’s services among consumers for a faster and easier car hire. Below are attributes that made the said service provider one of the most sought after companies in Australia.

Best practices and innovation

Hertz has always made it a point to create and deliver the best practices among its customers; hence, it turned its sight on ways to improve their customer service. This is because among the most common problems encountered by the car rental companies in general are customer service gaps at busy locations.


To fix this problem, it came up with a solution that focused on installing traditional self-service kiosks. However, there were only a few machines available and the customers were not able to use the kiosks effectively. The problem was not totally addressed at first.

The solution

Since the traditional self-service kiosks did not ultimately address the customer service gap problems, the company came up with a better solution called the ExpressRent Kiosk. It is basically a two-screen machine that utilizes real-time video that enables customers to communicate face-to-face with offsite agents.


It also turned to AT&T to provide a strong global network connection through delivering superb quality audio and video. The company also began to utilize the MPLS-enabled VPN technology to manage the real-time video connection. So no matter where the customers are, they could still reach the company and request for their Hertz Brisbane car rental services.

Hertz Firsts

Since the establishment of the company, Hertz has always made a new innovation in the car rental industry. It’s the first company that created the first coast-to-coast car rental network, opened the first car hire facility in Chicago’s Midway Airport, offered the first in-car GPS systems with NeverLost, and offered the first electric vehicles for rent.


These are all made possible through their dedication to customer service. They only provide what’s best for their consumers. So if you are looking for a Brisbane car rental company that can give value for money and more, choose Hertz and experience their unparalleled and top-notch customer service in the car rental industry.


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