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21 Sep

Why Choose Hertz Gold Coast Car Rental byHertz AU

Why Choose Hertz Gold Coast Car Rental banner

The city of Gold Coast is one of Australia’s outstanding global cities. It is known for its fantastic beaches, international theme parks, green forests, lively nightlife and vibrant communities. Whether you are on a beach break, a family holiday trip or just running an errand, there are so many things to do in this vibrant city. To make your travel much easier, choose a Hertz Gold Coast car rental. With a rental vehicle, you could go from one place to another. You could ditch the hassle of waiting in long lines to ride in a public vehicle. You could save time, as well as money. But why choose the said company? You might ask. Read on and find out.

Wide range of cars

Founded in 1918, Hertz has been in the car rental industry for more than 90 years. During the years, the company has acquired a wide range of cars that fits to their customers’ needs. It has a large fleet of the latest vehicle models. The long list includes economy cars, mid-size cars, SUVs, MPVs, convertibles and etc.

Young fleet

The Hertz Gold Coast car rental always performs quality control checks. Hence, the company only has vehicles that are only a year old on the average and have undergone strict maintenance and repairs. This is necessary so that the vehicles could still provide reliable performance.

Strong network

Anywhere you go, you could find a Hertz branch in Australia. Plus, you could find them at Australia’s major airports and cities. So, if you have car rental needs, the said company will always be there to provide unwavering service.

24-hour emergency road assistance

If you have encountered any troubles with your car, Hertz provides a 24-hour emergency road assistance. Drive with peace of mind knowing you can obtain reliable assistance with just one phone call.

Competitive rates

Hertz offers quality car rental services on a competitive rate. The company makes it sure that your travel with them is always affordable or at a just price. Furthermore, it has a lot of car models to choose from which always come at an affordable price range.

Summing up

Have you already made up your mind to go for a Hertz Gold Coast car rental? Enjoy the abovementioned benefits if you choose the said service provider. Free yourself from the burdens of traveling. Make it easier by opting for a trusted car rental. With Hertz, you’ll have an enjoyable travel in Australia.


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