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17 Mar

Yanchep National Park byHertz AU

Yanchep National Park banner

Arriving at a place like Yanchep National Park will remind you why you picked up a Hertz rental car Perth airport. Located 42 kilometres from Perth, the Yanchep National Park is a beautiful place to spend the day and experience the Australian outdoors. The area was originally occupied by Aboriginal people for thousands of years. Today, there is so much to do and see at Yanchep National Park including cave tours, row boat hire, Aboriginal culture experiences, native Australian plants and animals including kangaroos and koalas, walking trails and picnic areas. It’ll be easy to see why Yanchep National Park is worth the 45 minute drive.

Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave, an underground limestone cave, is open for tours every day. You’ll get to see this fantastic underground world and learn about how the cave was formed as well as many other interesting facts about caves and the cave environment. Spot some amphipods swimming in the streams in the cave.

Didgeridoo and Dance – Aboriginal Experience

If you’re interested in learning about aboriginal culture and customs, Didgeridoo and Dance is an Aboriginal experience shown every Saturday and Sunday, as well as on public holidays. You will learn all about the ways of the Nyoongar people including their seasons, their “Mia” shelters and the ways they used local plants and animals for medicine, food, clothing and shelter. See some Aboriginal tools including the spear and boomerang and watch a spear throwing demonstration.

Flora and Fauna

The Yanchep National Park is home to an abundance of native flora and fauna. You’ll see native Australian trees like Banksias and Paperbark. You’ll also see Australian wildflowers such as Parrot Bush and Kangaroo Paw. Animals which inhabit the area include koalas, the Western Grey Kangaroo and the Black-glove Wallaby. You can take a walk around the 240 metre koala boardwalk and watch the koalas in their natural environment.

Walking Trails

Yanchep National Park has nine different walking trails for you to choose from. They cater to all skill levels as well as levels of commitment. For example, you could choose a trail which goes for 500 metres or if you have a lot of time and energy to burn, you could choose another which goes on for 55 kilometres. Each trail is designed to show off the area and provides you with the opportunity to view stunning scenery and expansive views.

Places to Eat

Yanchep National Park has a great selection of picnic areas where you can enjoy a BYO lunch. There are BBQ facilities if you’d like to cook a hot lunch, like some delicious Aussie sausages. There are also a couple of places to buy food. For example, the Chocolate Drops Tea Rooms is great for lunch or some light refreshments, tea or coffee or ice cream. Or you could sample their award-winning handmade chocolate. There’s also the Yanchep Inn which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as drinks. They also have accommodation if you want to stay for longer.

Getting There and Other Details

The Yanchep National Park is a pleasant 45-minute drive from the centre of Perth. Take advantage of your rental car and drive to Yanchep for a unique and memorable experience. Stop in at the McNess House Visitors Centre for more information on how to spend your day, or to purchase gifts and souvenirs. There’s plenty of parking available in the park but you’ll be charged $11 for the vehicle to enter and park.


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