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23 May

Your Guide to Exploring the Vivid Sydney Winter Festival byHertz AU

Your Guide to Exploring the Vivid Sydney Festival with Hertz banner

The eighth edition of the Vivid Sydney Winter Festival is forecasted to be even more spectacular than the previous ones. A synergy of light, music and ideas, it truly is one of Sydney’s most wonderful festivals ever. The NSW Government’s own tourism and events agency, Destination NSW owns, manages and produces this event every year.


The Festival Decoded


Vivid Sydney is a delight for those who are fascinated by the amalgamation of art and technology. Vivid Light with their projections and lights, Vivid Music that collaborates and organises performances, as well as Vivid Ideas that promotes debates and infusion of creativity together, are a celebration of the unique hub that Sydney is. Not only has it bagged the Best Event of 2013 award, but has consecutively won the Best Tourism Event since then.


While a number of their events are free of charge, some special events might require a reasonably priced ticket. For instance, the Be the Light for the Wild event at the Toronga Zoo has an entry fee of $11.95 for children and $17.95 for adults. The Start-up Funding Secrets Event at The Rock on June 14th has tickets starting from $15.

The Where’s and What’s of the Event


From the Circular Quay to the Sydney Opera House, and the Taronga Zoo to The Royal Botanic Garden and The Galleries, the events are held across multiple locations across the city. Rent a car to easily navigate the city and get to all the events on time. Hosted across the city from 27th May through 18th June, the convenience of having a rented car is enhanced by the parking facilities organised at the location of the events.

While the city itself offers some great accommodation options, due to high demand during the festival, you may have to find something across the town borders to suit your budget as well.

Facilities such as lost and found, ramps and signage access, as well as support for lost children, make it a well organised festival that attracts not only artists but families and locals too. The weekends tend to be the most crowded days of them all but if you plan to reach in advance, finding a good spot won’t be difficult.

Whether you are a tourist in Sydney or visiting from a nearby town, the luxury of a rented car is the best way to traverse the city and experience the best of Vivid Sydney.


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