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Our new mobility rental fleet, giving you the freedom and flexibility to get around.
  • Exceptional wheelchair user comfort, space and visibility
  • Wheelchair access at the rear of the vehicle plus 5 passenger seats
  • Easy to use and operate with demonstration provided by Hertz staff
  • All vehicle conversions comply with all Australian Standards
  • Wheelchair access vehicles are available upon request in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and the Gold Coast.
Please call 1800 801 122 to make a direct booking.

Access from the rear of the vehicle.
Vehicles converted by Automobility.
What are the overall specifications of a Hertz/Automobility wheelchair access vehicle?

Vehicle Type
  • Kia Carnival
  • Wheelchair access from the rear plus 5 passengers (including Driver)
Wheelchair size
  • Width – up to 750mm,
  • Length – up to 1300mm
  • Wheelchair occupant
  • Total weight (wheelchair and occupant) – 300kg
Dimensional limits
  • Entry height 1430mm,
  • Internal clearance 1500mm
  • Width of wheelchair space – 800mm
Ramp information
  • Aluminium ramp with spring assistance – approx. 3kg force to lift
  • Ramp angle – 12 degrees
  • Locking mechanism – 2 stage locks on each side
  • Ramp release – centrally mounted handle
Wheelchair restraints
  • Front – Electrically operated units
  • Rear – Manual over centre latch units