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Hertz Australia - Young Renter Surcharge*

Are you under 25 and looking to rent a car? Ever had trouble finding out the exact costs associated with renting as a young driver?

You shouldn’t have to worry about excessive charges at the rental desk just because you’re under 25.

Hertz Australia welcomes renters aged 21-24 with a $16.50 (Including GST) daily young renter surcharge capped at 7 days per 30 days rental period.*

Young renters can now also rent from our Prestige and Fun collections.

So whether you're renting a car to take some friends up the coast or flying interstate and you need a car at your destination, be certain that Hertz has you covered.

Book now and save! *Terms and Conditions apply.

Are you aged 18-20 years and want to rent a car?

In Melbourne please visit Flexicar.

Flexicar is self-service car rental in Melbourne, with all-inclusive rates, available by the hour or the day starting from $8.45 hr. There are more than 155 Flexicars pre-parked on the streets of inner-Melbourne and as a member you book online, or on your mobile, and 'swipe-in' to a car to unlock and drive it.

The Flexicar Intro plan is a casual 'pay-as-you-go' plan so you'll only pay when you actually drive. Other plans available offer lower hourly/daily rates by pre-purchasing monthly credit. 100kms per booking, fuel, comprehensive damage-cover, roadside assist, eTag etc. are all included in the low hourly and daily rates.

In Sydney please visit Hertz 24/7.

Hertz 24/7 couldn't be simpler - you'll enjoy the luxury of having a car without the costs and hassles of owning one!

With no joining fee, monthly fees or annual membership fees and your choice of casual pay-as-you-go or money saving monthly driving plans, you'll only pay for a car when you use it so you can get on the road and save money at the same time. Members can book vehicles from one hour up to three days. You'll get 24-hour access to cars that live near where you live. Across Australia, more and more drivers are choosing car sharing as the smart, savvy way to get around. It's a cheap, convenient and sustainable alternative to owning your own car. It's helped thousands of people around the world, just like you, save time and money.

Get where you're going at your own pace for less with Hertz 24/7.

Want to experience a hassle-free and fast track rental service? Join Hertz Gold Plus Rewards and discover how easy it is to travel with Hertz and get rewarded! Click here to learn more.

If you'd like to view our seasonal offers, please click here.

Want to experience a hassle-free and fast track rental service? Join Hertz Gold Plus Rewards and discover how easy it is to travel with Hertz and get rewarded!
 Click here to learn more.

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*Terms & Conditions: Subject to admin fee & location fee (if applicable). Surcharge is capped at 7 days per 30 days of rental.$16-50-day-special-offer