Enrolled FAQs

Hertz Business Solutions FAQ's

The most frequently asked questions about the Hertz Business Solutions program are listed below. If you have further questions, please e-mail businesssolutions@hertz.com or call 1800 500 409.

Is there a fee for Business Solutions program membership?
There is no cost to enrol in the program and membership is free. 
Hertz Gold Plus Rewards
Can Business Solutions program members also join Hertz Gold Plus Rewards?
Yes. Your company’s frequent travellers are entitled to complimentary membership to Hertz Gold Plus rewards. The minimum age for enrolment in Hertz Gold Plus Rewards is 21 years (exceptions may apply).
How do my company’s travelling employees enrol in Hertz Gold Plus Rewards?
Click here to enrol online.  Be sure to include your company’s exclusive Business Solutions program CDP number on the application.
Can I make reservations through a travel agent and still receive the Business Solutions program benefits?

Yes.  Please make sure your travel agent uses your company’s exclusive Business Solutions CDP number to receive all the program benefits.
How do I make a reservation using my Business Solutions CDP number?
Please visit our online “Rates and Reservations” section, call the dedicated Business Solutions reservations number on 1800 082 167, or contact your travel agent.