Can campervans and motorhomes be driven on a normal car licence?

What's the minimum age for renting your vehicles?
AutoRent-Hertz vehicles may be driven only by renters aged 21 years or over, and who have held a current licence for at least 3 years. Drivers over 75 will be asked to provide a Doctor's Certificate certifying they are fit to drive. Drivers must present a licence issued in English, or a foreign Driver’s Licence in English (or an accompanying certified English translation, provided by a Consulate or other authorised body), or a current International Driving Permit. Drivers must hold a full licence - provisional licences are unacceptable. Do we think you can't drive? Of course not. We just need to know more about you so we can make a decision (the way insurance companies need extra information before issuing a policy). If you're under 21, or a provisional licence holder, we're unable to rent a vehicle to you.

Is there any extra charge if we all want to drive?
An additional driver fee of $3 per day is payable for each additional nominated driver (in addition to the person appearing on the Rental Agreement as The Renter).

Is a campervan or motorhome difficult to drive?
Campervans are very similar to a car to drive. Over many years experience we've found few drivers who haven't easily adjusted to driving the larger motorhomes.

Are one-way rentals available; is there an extra charge?
Campervans and motorhomes can only be rented from or returned to our Launceston Campervan Depot, Hobart Airport or Hobart City - no extra charge applies for one-way rentals.

Can't we rent a motorhome or campervan for less than 6 days?
Usually, our minimum rental is 6 days, although we do have lesser duration rentals from time to time. You may make a rental for less than the minimum rental period but the rate applicable to the minimum duration will apply.  Need to contact us?

Click here to enquire.

Can I take the vehicle out of Tasmania?
Vehicles may not be taken out of Mainland Tasmania without prior written agreement. It's permitted to utilise the vehicle on Bruny Island.

 Do you have automatic campervans and motorhomes?
Currently, all our vehicles have manual transmission.

What if I have to cancel my reservation?
It's important that you know about our policy regarding cancelled reservations and the refund of any monies paid.

Where a reservation is cancelled, we reserve the right to apply the following cancellation fees:

More than 30 days from start of rental - no fee

Within 30 days of  start of rental - $200

If the vehicle is returned early for any reason whatsoever - no refund. We also reserve the right to refuse provision of a replacement vehicle in the event of an accident and to refuse a refund of unused days.

If your reservation is an Internet Special where an advance payment has been made, the rental rate is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Can't I travel on unsealed roads? 
We aren't saying that you can't travel on unsealed roads, just that they're much riskier than sealed roads. So, if you can't avoid unsealed roads, slow right down and take extreme care. (A higher non-reducible liability applies if there's any loss/damage/accidents on an unsealed road).

Are there any places we can't take our vehicle?

The vehicle is permitted to be used on made roads only. It's prohibited to use the vehicle off road, such as cross country, bush tracks or on beaches. If you ignore this prohibition you'll be liable for ALL damage to the vehicle and will not be provided with a replacement vehicle.

Are there any roads we can't drive on?

You can drive on any made road. Due care must be taken on unsealed roads as damage to a vehicle while driving on an unsealed road may incur a higher liability. All off-road driving is prohibited.

What if I break down?

Emergency help is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, via the Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania's Roadside Assistance.

With our camper, do we have to stay overnight in caravan parks? No. Although Tasmania has many comfortable camping grounds and caravan parks, there is generally no restriction on where you can stay overnight, as long as the van is well clear of the carriageway, and there are no signs to the contrary.

Even though our vehicles have a twin-battery system to minimise "flat batteries", they do need re-charging at regular intervals (e.g. over long driving periods or overnight charging at a powered site).

How much does it cost to stay overnight at caravan parks?
An average price would be around $30 per night for a powered site.

Can we store luggage at your depot while we're renting?
Luggage can be stored at your own risk, and providing you're returning to the same depot. We've made some provision for luggage in our campervans and motorhomes, but you'd have some problems with storage of large suitcases - we suggest small suitcases and soft bags. In your own interests, please don't leave items of value on view while you're away from the vehicle.

Is it safe to drink the water from the vehicle's water tank?
We suggest you boil the water before drinking, just to be on the safe side.

Can the children travel in the back of the campervan or motorhome?
Only when they can utilise a seat belt or child restraint - this varies from vehicle to vehicle.

Can I hire a GPS navigation system?
Yes, the Hertz Neverlost system is available for hire. Please enquire at the Rental Counter for details.

Show me details about additional items available for hire 
 For effective protection in accidents and sudden stops, children must be properly restrained using a seat belt or child restraint system, depending on the age and size of the child.

Baby (Infant) Capsule - this is used only in a rearward-facing position for a child weighing up 12kg with a length of 700mm.

Baby Seat - this is used in a forward-facing position for a child weighing from 8kg to 18kg.

Booster (H-Rider) Seat - this is used in a forward-facing position with a lap-sash seat belt or seat belt and child harness for a child weighing from 14kg to 26kg.

You may supply your own restraint; it will be your responsibility for ensuring it's correctly fitted to the vehicle.

Any restriction on the use of child restraints will be displayed in your quote/reservation.

Picnic Table - collapsible, square, of sturdy plastic material and suitable for 2 people.

Chair - collapsible, of round metal tubing and canvas materials, suitable for persons up to 100kg, supplied in a carry bag.

Iron - steam, electric and only for use with 240v supply.

Bedding and Linen - a Personal Kit that includes 1 towel, pillow and pillowcase, sleeping bag/doona and bed sheet, is available (supplied free of charge to infants under 3 years).


These should be reserved in advance and charge details will be shown in your confirmation.