Tesla Model 3

New to the Hertz Electric Fleet

The Tesla Model 3 is now part of the Hertz Electric fleet, available to be rented at Adelaide and Canberra airports. It offers a luxurious, eco-friendly experience alongside cutting-edge technology and safety.

This fully electric vehicle received a 5-star ANCAP rating, provides up to 448 km for daily travel and charges in minutes. Its luxurious vegan leather interior, glass roof and 15-inch monitor ensure passengers will travel in comfort and style.

Take your journey to the next level with the Tesla Model 3.


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Tesla Model 3 features


Tesla Model 3 feature 1
5 passengers
Tesla Model 3 feature 2
250kW peak charge rate with built-in CCS charge port
Tesla Model 3 feature 3
448 km travel range
Tesla Model 3 feature 4
Safety assist features with 360 degree vision

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Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3


A fully electric journey

The Tesla Model 3 can be charged anywhere – with hundreds of locations across Australia, there's no limit to where you can travel. Charging is simple and easy. Simply pop open the charge port and insert the charge connector.

  Tesla Model 3

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