Skype. Share. Play. iPad.

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iPad mini hire


Skype. Share. Play. iPad.


Yours to hire from just €20 a day – all-in-one package


Unlimited data

+ Wi-Fi hotspot

+ GPS mapping

+ free roaming


Compact and light - ideal for travelling – the iPad mini is a simple, convenient and affordable way to work, play or stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues.


Use it to talk, text, chat and share photos or videos.

Use it as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot - connect up to five extra devices such as smartphones, laptops or games consoles.

Comes pre-loaded with travel apps including GPS navigation.

Includes unlimited data and no roaming charges.


Available from Bordeaux Airport, Geneva Airport (French side), Lyon Airport, Nice Airport, Paris Gare de Lyon Railway station and Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.


Order your iPad mini at the Hertz desk


Offer subject to availability. Terms and Conditions apply.

Offered in partnership with WeMakeIT.


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