Hertz Vehicle Incident Report Australia

Hertz Vehicle Incident Report for Australian Rentals

It is Hertz policy to promptly repair all vehicles subject to manufactuer's satisfaction.


When Accident Damage Excess (ADE) is accepted it will be charged to your rental agreement regardless of fault.  The person whose name appears on the Rental Agreement will be held financially responsible for damage to the rental vehicle.


Please refer to the specific terms and conditions provided to you at the time of the rental to determine your specific level of damage responsibility.


You and any authorised driver must co-operate fully with the Hertz Claims Management (HCM) investigation of any incident and defense of any claim involving the rental vehicle. Such co-operation includes completion of a Vehicle Incident Report (found below the Frequently Asked Questions).


A Vehicle Incident Report must be completed within the rental period and emailed to HCM austgar@hertz.comPlease indicate any person’s injuries or fatalities. Please also note that this email address is for rentals that take place in Australia only.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the process?


Each claim is unique and resolution time frame for each claim varies.  Please call 1800-550-028 after 14 days.


Why are you charging me for the full excess when it is small/minor damage and, will I receive a refund?


Until the vehicle has been assessed we cannot confirm what the final damage costs are.  Please contact the claims department after 14 days.


When does the excess get charged?


You will be charged at the counter immediately for the reported damage or within 28 days of return of the vehicle for unreported damage.


If I damage the vehicle twice or more, do I only get charged once?


No, damage excess gets charged per incident.


Doesn’t my Maximum Cover (MAX) cover everything?


MAX Cover, like any coverage, has exceptions; please refer to clause 5 and 6 of the Terms and Conditions for a list of these.


Is towing included?


As per the Terms and Conditions towing is not included in your accident damage excess and is charged accordingly.


Is undercarriage damage a breach of Terms and Conditions?


Please refer to Clause 5 of your Terms and Conditions for exceptions to the excess and potential breaches and various State/Territory exclusions.


Third Party Incident: I am not at fault, what will happen next?


The Claims Department will communicate with the Third Party and if Hertz can recover the costs of all damages from the at fault party, a refund will be processed.


I don’t have enough money on my card for the damages, what happens next?


Until full excess is paid you will be liable for all damage costs including third party damages and all costs associated with claim. Please contact HCM to discuss payment of excess.


What is the Claims Department follow up-process?


The Claims Department will gather all required information (vehicle incident report, police report, third party documents etc.) and will resolve the matter as soon as possible.  Once resolved the Claims Department will be in communication with you.


Are there any additional fees other than the Accident Damage Excess (ADE) that will be charged if I damage the rental vehicle?


Yes, there is a Claims Administration Fee for processing all Damages referred to in Clause 6 of the Terms and Conditions; and a Single Vehicle Accident (SVA) charge for an accident not involving a collision between the vehicle and another car; other than a parked car.


Download the Hertz Vehicle Incident Report from here. (Please ensure that you have read the Frequently Asked Questions above before submitting a Vehicle Incident Report).


For all enquiries about your claim, please contact Hertz Claims Management on 1800-550-028 or email hcmclaimsau@hertz.com. Please note that this phone number and email address is for Australian claim enquiries only.