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Prohibited Uses

If there is a Prohibited Use of the Vehicle, we may terminate the Agreement and take back the vehicle at any time at your expense. If the Prohibited Use has caused, or contributed to, loss or damage to the vehicle, you are liable for that loss or damage up to the full value of the vehicle and related losses and fees including third party losses as explained in the Damage and Loss section on page 6 of Your rental terms.

Prohibited Uses of a vehicle are:

• you or your passengers acted recklessly or with deliberate intent to cause loss or damage to the vehicle:
• the vehicle is damaged in the following ways:
– the driver caused the vehicle to roll, tip or fall over and this has caused damage to the side and/or roof area of the vehicle;
– the driver caused undercarriage damage to the vehicle;
– a person sits or stands on the roof of the vehicle;
– the driver causes damage above the windscreen line to the front, rear or side of the vehicle including but not limited to damage caused by striking overhead or overhanging objects (such as trees and bridges or entering carparks with insufficient clearance) or securing luggage, skis or other items to the vehicle’s roof causing damage;
• the driver drove the vehicle with a flat tyre, ignored a warning light, put the wrong fuel in the vehicle or lost the keys;
• driving the vehicle while under the influence of any drug, substance or intoxicating liquor to the extent that driver’s ability to control the vehicle is impaired or where the driver’s blood level of any drug or alcohol is over the applicable State or Territory legal limit. If a person refuses or fails to provide a breath, blood or other sample when lawfully required to do so by police or as required by law, the driver is deemed to be over the legal limit;
• the fitting of objects to the interior or exterior of the vehicle that are not authorised by Hertz;
• failing to take reasonable precautions to safeguard the vehicle such as leaving windows open or keys in the vehicle, or failing to use the anti-theft system (if provided);
• the vehicle is used for committing an illegal or unlawful act (other than a traffic offence which does not automatically result in the loss of a drivers’ licence in the applicable State or Territory);
• the use of the vehicle by a person who was not authorised by Hertz as the main or additional driver or did not meet the driver requirements in the Agreement;
• the vehicle is used on a racetrack or for racing or undertaking reliability trials, rallies or other contests;
• the vehicle is sub-rented, transferred or sold;
• the vehicle is used to carry passengers (e.g. as a taxi or car sharing arrangement) unless Hertz consents in writing, or to carry cargo (except for commercial vehicles), for hire, reward or remuneration;
• the vehicle is used for hauling any goods that are incorrectly or inappropriately loaded or for the haulage of which the vehicle was not
designed (including any hazardous materials, such as any gases or substances which may form explosive mixtures); or
• the vehicle is used for towing a trailer or any other vehicle, unless the vehicle has a towbar fitted by Hertz, in which case you have permission from Hertz to tow a trailer provided the weight and dimensions of the item being towed do not exceed the specified capacity of the vehicle (refer to the vehicle capacity guide in the following link
• the vehicle is overloaded with passengers and/or baggage;
• the vehicle is driven on a beach or through a flooded road or otherwise through a body of water (including but not limited to a pothole, ditch or riverbed), or natural disaster which could be avoided including fire, storm or cyclone;
• the vehicle is driven in restricted areas, including airport service roads and associated areas, or on a road notified to you as prohibited by Hertz or off-road (eg. on fire trails, tracks, fields or paddocks) (unless specified in writing by Hertz).

• the vehicle is driven in the following areas and the vehicle is not a 4WD:

– on unsealed roads (except for roads under repair, access roads to recognised camping or accommodation grounds (unless rented in Tasmania where a non-reducible unsealed roads excess is applicable, details can be found at or unless specified in writing by Hertz));
– in the Simpson Desert, on the Strzelecki Track and the Birdsville Track;
– in Western Australia on the Tanami Track, Gunbarrel Hwy, Gibb River Road and the Bungle Bungles;
– in Northern Territory on the Oodnadatta Track, the Plenty Highway, Finke Road (between Alice Springs and Oodnadatta);
– in Queensland on Bourke Development Road from Chillagoe to Normanton, Cape York during the months from December to May
inclusive, Savannah Way from Normanton to Borroloola and the Bloomfield Track;
– any other such location or region reasonably specified by Hertz to you
as an area or region which is prohibited.

• the vehicle is driven in any of the following areas at any time (4WDs are also prohibited):

– in Western Australia on the Canning Stock Route, the Old Gunbarrel Hwy or on the Kalumburu track including but not limited to Mitchell Falls National Park;
– in Northern Territory at the Lost City in Litchfield Park, Central Arnhem Road and Arnhem Land in general, or during the dedicated wet season;
– in Queensland on the Old Telegraph Track section of the road to Cape York, Boggy Hole (Finke Gorge National Park), the Old South Road from Maryvale to Finke and Fraser Island at any time.



Snow regions:

• There are special restrictions that apply when driving a Hertz vehicle in an alpine region. If these restrictions are not complied
with You may be responsible for any and all damage arising from the use of the vehicle in an alpine region and cover purchased will
not be applicable. If you are planning to travel to the snow please check with your Hertz location that the vehicle is fit for purpose
and whether snow chains are required.
• You must ensure that they comply with any legalrequirements relating to fitment of snow chains and that they fit snow chains
correctly. Failure to do so will be considered a prohibited use and You will be fully liable for any resulting damage. Renters must at
all times ensure plastic hub caps are removed prior to fitting snow chains. Snow chains must be tightened after 50m to avoid
damage to the rims and to put the hub caps back on the vehicle when the chains are removed.




If the vehicle is used for a Prohibited Use:

• you are responsible for any damage or losses up to the full value of the vehicle and other fees, related losses and expenses including
towing and 3rd party damage as explained in the Damage and Loss section on page 6 of Your Rental Terms.
• your liability is not limited to the Accident Damage Excess (ADE);
• you lose the benefit of any Optional Renter Protection Services you have purchased; and
• we may terminate theAgreement and take back the vehicle at any time at your expense.



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